So Bright Chalk Bucket

YAMA Climbing

$ 36.00

This bouldering bag will carry all the chalk you need. Its large opening allows easy access to your pile of chalk and securely closes. This is a one-of-a-kind design. Free ground shipping on US orders.


  • Fleece liner
  • 3 pockets. One on each side and a pocket on the bottom with closes with hook and loop.
  • Brush holder
  • Large opening and closes with 3/4 in" hook and loop and rolls up with 1" nylon strap and 1" plastic buckle.


  • Main color: Bright Blue
  • Pockets: Red and Purple
  • Brush Holder: Light Blue
  • Accents: So bright and color print
  • Liner: Grey
  • Hook & Loop: Black
  • Nylon Strap: Bright Orange 

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