The Adventure Continues

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside...thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a ride!” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

It has been a while since I wrote. The journey continues. Still climbing, still running, still surfing, still paddling, and now painting things, most recently my crash pad.

This past year has been full of many firsts and adventures. At any age, that is a marvelous thing but especially makes me happy as I get older. Life is about adventure. Adventure is a beautiful thing; it keeps things exciting and keeps us young and playful and curious. I never want to just settle for the ordinary. That is how I will stay young. Play like a kid. Create. Live in the moment.      


Many of the previously mentioned firsts in the past year involved new climbing areas: Bachar Boulders, Black Mountain, Stoney Point. And trips to some of those I already know and love: Buttermilks, Jasper, Tramway and Joshua Tree.

One of the Black Mountain trips was spent following Bryce and a group of friends around while they climbed and I was stuck wearing a “boot,” yes, another foot injury. That old broken-while-slacklining foot still gets aggravated by too much running, hiking or climbing but I’ve learned to deal with it because I will most certainly not be staying off it.

The other trip to Black Mountain, and my first, saw me send Future Direct, which I was very excited about!

Summer is always a good time, last summer no different for the fun factor. I went backpacking for 3 days with a friend. There is such beauty and magic in the Eastern Sierra. Many mountain ranges can make this claim but since I am talking about the Eastern Sierra, it is the representation of beauty and majesty for me here. We hiked out of Agnew Meadows in Mammoth on the John Muir Trail. There are so many lakes in that area, each more incredible than the last in its own way: Olaine, Shadow, Ediza, Iceberg and Cecile. Cannot wait to get back out there again!

There was also an incredible trip to Kona. No climbing on that adventure but lots of exploration while paddling, surfing, snorkeling and swimming. The best thing about all these adventures are the friendships created and enhanced. Experiences are defined by those with whom we share them.


Written by: Brand Ambassador Karey Garcia